We are all convinced that we were new to something at some point. But, of course, being unfamiliar with something is often the stage where we make many mistakes, and new music producers are no exception to this rule. After all, creativity has a lot to do with trial and error.

But if you don’t want to find your way in the dark, this article is just right for you and further development. Focus on 10 common mistakes new music producers make in their home music studio. We will also look at how to avoid them as much as possible.

1. Avoid jokes on studio monitors

In order to do so it’s very accurate that you don’t necessarily need all of the most popular gear when you start as a producer. To get started right away, you need some basic things. However, a pervasive aspect that many newcomers avoid is the set of high-quality studio monitors. If you’re going to look down on something, don’t use it as a monitor. Not just.

2.Using monitors instead of speakers

Monitoring is an essential part of the entire music production process. Probably the most critical aspect of completing a track. This is a common oversight by new music producers. A proper set of studio monitors helps bring out all the exact details of the music, allowing you to edit the track accurately and mix it with sound perception.

This is a beautiful mistake for new music producers. They are in a hurry and just want to finish the mix. Or you may not yet be an overly analytical perfectionist.

Whatever your reason, it’s never a good idea to decide later to fix a flaw. This is more time-consuming in many ways, as you are not spending time on corrective actions that could have been avoided. Instead, this time it can be used for creative processing. The leading causes to watch out for in the studio are:

Poor Acoustics-Simply processing your studio acoustically can avoid many correction issues. However, unwanted reflections and excessive resonance can penetrate the recording and be inconvenient, like uninvited guests.
Untuned Instrument-You can adjust the instrument before recording or spend some time fixing it later.

Other aspects of being aware of voice intonation and ideal playing dynamics in advance. Yes, there are undoubtedly many tools you can use to quickly fix these errors. But in practice, it’s best to start with the ideal recorded audio rather than trying to push the good sound out of the excellent sound.

3. New music producers often want to do different tasks

It’s always best to allocate other times to other tasks. Please do not compose while recording. And never record while you are mixing. These are processes that require and deserve their own time and attention. Processing instruments and vocals long before the final mix risks the tracks getting out of sync. And it’s tough to undo this error, and in some cases, it’s completely impossible.

4. Keep it simple

As with the previous point, new music producers tend to get excited and go for anything. In many cases, the less the mix, the more. Adding too many elements to your work can be confusing and can make the sound of your music quite decorative.

It’s fascinating to show off all the newly learned techniques. But, of course, we all know that you are particularly proud and want the world to know or even hear. But, believe it or not, minimalism also leads to a sophisticated and professional sound.

5. Do not prioritize popular techniques before improving your skills

Of course, you want to be an incredible expert who inspires you. Add industry-appropriate elements, or add bass like a track your friends are keeping. As with the last point, I would like to show how complex the mix can be. And that’s nothing wrong. Inspiration is good.

6. Avoid mixing the same day as the recording

This misunderstanding originates from the ambition of new music producers to achieve everything at once. However, try to spread out your responsibilities as much as possible.

It’s good to concentrate on editing or mixing tracks the next day, especially if you’ve just finished a recorded session. It’s best to stay in the headspace and focus on the task during the day. A day (in that case) to make music, play real instruments, and interact with the band. And another tag aimed at applying all the technical details.

7. Be unique

New music producers need to understand the difference between getting inspiration from something and copying directly. This is not good and is a common mistake for newcomers. But, as mentioned earlier, taking inspiration and taking in the little touches you pick from your favorites is all going well.

8. Do not avoid the presets that come with your software

The great thing about presets is that you can constantly adjust them to suit your unique style. To maintain your uniqueness, change the presets as needed so that they do not precisely match the original presets. But overall, software presets save valuable time and help new music producers create products with more sophisticated sounds. Don’t underestimate the power of accessible technology.

9. Avoid doing it all by yourself

Understandably, this is a difficult one. If you’re a new music producer, you may not know many other music producers or anyone knowledgeable in your field. But, to the extent possible, I believe it is best to avoid doing everything yourself and wearing all hats. Even if your studio is in your home, getting outside perspective or assistance is beneficial.

10. Do not make the blunder of failing to network with other producers

Last but not least, networking. Don’t live in your little bubble where no other home producer exists. It’s great to get feedback from other people in your field who are trying the same as you. It’s always great to have someone rely on you when you have a question.


We hope that these ten highlighted mistakes, which inexperienced music producers frequently make, provide you with some insight into some of the issues you can address. After all, there’s no such thing as a rule in this situation. You might consider one or two variables here and there. However, feel free to experiment with your creative process.

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