Your one-stop creative production agency.

We have a long and credible history as a video production company in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and across the UAE with a proven track record of executing high-profile productions. Our ability to provide you with high-quality production and delivery sets us apart from our competitors.

With an experienced team that has been in the business for over 25 years, we confidently meet and exceed your requirements, working closely with you from initial concept to final delivery.

We specialize in providing high-end e-commerce photography & videography, premium event shoots, live productions, and live streaming services for on site, hybrid & completely virtual events.

They can also differ significantly in terms of marketing experience. 971 Productions has a wealth of marketing expertise and can assist you with your video’s marketing strategy, distribution, and promotion. However, we specialize in the production of :

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    Hybrid and Virtual events
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    Stop-motion footage
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    Construction & Industrial time-lapses
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    Promo videos, Instagram reels & Tik Tok videos

Our work is done in-house.

We take pride in being the best in the industry when it comes to producing high-quality events and content while utilizing the latest technology.

At 971 Productions, we use the latest tech, including a diverse range of cameras, ranging from Canon and Sony cinema cameras to long-term time-lapse cameras. Our lighting kits are capable of lighting spaces ranging from small studios to large warehouses. And we have everything you could need, to bring you stunning content in any environment.

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