Creating videos for business is a complete effort and cannot be put together as quickly as other types of content. Bringing your video to life requires more than creative knowledge and a bit of training. The best way to produce top-notch video is to invest in high-quality video production equipment. This article shares recommendations to help you find the best video production company in Dubai. Now let’s start with the design for recording the actual video.

Video production equipment for shooting live video

This section describes the equipment needed to capture live video. Ideally, you’ll need a camera and related accessories here. The following is a list of required equipment.

Cameras come in various shapes and sizes, but capturing professional-looking videos requires more than any other camera. So regardless of which camera you choose, make sure you have a full-frame camcorder to record at least 4K video.

Video production requires pan shots and tilt shots, but you cannot hold the camera in your hand to shoot seamlessly. Therefore, you need a tripod. It helps you maintain control of your camera while shooting, and the result is a stable video.

Using an extra lens allows you to adjust the shooting angle and produce sharp-looking clips. Various lenses are available depending on the focal length and the specific need of the videos to be captured.

A gimbal, or as some prefer to call it, a Steadicam system, may be required to hold your camera. Video camera gimbals use motors and powered sensors to support and stabilize the camera. You can record video with stable and smooth shots while walking or running in this manner.

5-High quality (additional) memory card
Raw video is always a huge file, especially on high-end cameras like the Sony A7S III. Depending on the length of the shooting unit, a large-capacity memory card may be required. We recommend using a high-quality, high-speed SD card such as SanDisk Extreme Pro.

Lighting equipment
It can be hard to imagine how important lighting is in video production until you encounter a video with poor lighting. The important thing is that the lighting helps set the mood and emphasize the important elements of the video. This is the luminaire you will need for the various purposes you want to achieve with lighting.

6-Character Lighting
The actor’s face and exposed body parts should be illuminated without flipping the eyeballs. This is a powerful tool and is highly recommended by professional YouTube users. You can also select the color temperature of the lighting.

7-Decorative Lighting
Decorative elements or surrounding objects may need to be highlighted to ensure harmonious use of lighting. This is a universal projector ideal for wall lighting. Thanks to multiple lighting modes such as CCT, Hue, Saturation, Gel Preset, Effect Mode, etc., it has a soft LED that allows you to set the atmosphere of the shooting environment.

8-Light reflector
If you feel that the location where you are recording the video is well lit, you do not need to use it. Instead, a reflector can be used to stabilize and maximize ambient light. A Newer 40 x 55 inch / 100 x 140 cm flat panel light reflector can be used. A set of 4 full-length light reflectors can be used according to the shooting environment.

Keep in mind that the placement of lighting fixtures always depends on the time of day, the sun, the environment, etc. In addition, a basic knowledge of the lighting system is required to properly position the light reflector.

The background is simply the background used to record the video. Backgrounds help you create unique videos and eliminate color overloaded backgrounds and distracting objects in your shooting environment.

10-Audio device
You also need a dedicated audio toolset to capture the best sound quality of your video.

11-External microphone
Camcorders usually have a built-in microphone for recording. But if you need high-quality audio sound, these built-in mics don’t cut it. To always capture the best audio for your video, you need a dedicated microphone.

12 – Shotgun Mike
A shotgun microphone is your best bet if you don’t need to move during video capture. These microphones can be attached directly to the camera and connected via the jack input. To use this microphone to paralyze wind noise and improve audio quality, you need to use a windshield.

Let’s start making videos!

All of the tools you’ll need to set up your video production equipment can be found here at the Video production service company in Dubai. Of course, recommendations aren’t always the best, especially regarding money. However, keep in mind that professional-looking video and high-quality video production tools can be costly. So if you want to get started and don’t have to worry about video production equipment or video quality, these are the best you need. Want to make high-quality videos for the brand but don’t want to make them in-house? Video will help you. Use this simple calculator to estimate the cost of your video.

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