People ask the first question after they recollect publishing films: “How much will be the fee?” And they frequently believe that the best way to deal with video production Dubai costs is to spend less money on higher-quality films. But, of course, this doesn`t issue within the fine, which is constantly the incorrect technique.

While numerous elements affect the fee of video manufacturing (equipment, crew, etc.), the answer isn`t to create more excellent low-fine content material.

Pricing out video manufacturing may be the type of tricky. Ask a person within side the enterprise for assistance, and you`ll possibly get the standard answer… it relies upon. Not very useful while you`re making plans on a price range and looking to discern your video manufacturing fees.

Maybe that`s why many manufacturing businesses don`t put it on the market at their prices. It drives me loopy once I can`t discover pricing facts at a website, so we as a minimum attempt to provide a few ballpark figures on our video manufacturing pricing sheet. We`re also satisfied to put together a quote for you every time you make plans a price range.

While I`ve had many clients and potentialities thank me for that, I think a more excellent sizeable weblog on how we destroy down our fees is probably a good explanation.

While you`ll likely nonetheless touch me or any other video manufacturer when you have precise questions, my desire is this submission will provide you with a more excellent perception of what is going into generating a video so that you realize where your cash is going.

First matters first, we don`t price via way of the hour. We occasionally request a 1-hour video shoot; however, clients don`t see all the pre and submit-manufacturing sports. Things like tour time to and from the shoot, colour correcting the video in submit-manufacturing, and changing the documents into something they could use. In short, video manufacturing takes lots greater than an hour.

We price via way of using an afternoon price, $1400/day, or occasionally a half-day price of $900. We discern how much time may be spent on a project (what number of days), then we observe the day price to provide you with our overall fee.

Let me stroll you via the procedure for a way we break down our time that will help you apprehend it better.


The first aspect is virtually getting at the identical web page with the consumer to ensure we generate what they want to fulfilled their goals.


Next, we collect all the matters we`ll want throughout the shoot. This can take everywhere from 1-2 hours.


The day of the video shoot is the maximum apparent to human beings because we`re on-site, so what we do is on display. This is a huge part of the “it depends” element of matters.


This is where a number of the time is spent that the consumer in no way receives to see. It`s the other “it depends” variable. How much time is spent in post-manufacturing varies depending on the quantity of uncooked video there’s to sift via and how complex the tale is to tell. It should take everywhere from 2-five days in maximum cases.


We produce low-fee motion pictures for small enterprise proprietors with tiny advertising budgets of $1,000.

So… they are the primary steps for producing motion pictures and have to be quite time-honoured from organization to organization. Although, of course, each corporate video company charges matters of their way, that`s how we decide the fee of a video.

I desire this as a minimum offers you a few expertise in animated video production at the back of the procedure.

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